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Becoming A Client

Getting Started

Every client has unique collection needs, so we will tailor our services specifically for you. 

Information we will request for a debtor:

  • Personal or business contact address.
  • Business or personal phone, cell phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Emergency contact numbers and family member names.
  • Payment method utilized by debtor and any NSF cheques or credit card transactions.
  • Amount owing and the interest rate charged.
  • Date of last payment or date when account became delinquent.
  • Signed credit application.
  • Personal guarantee.
  • The credit bureau pulled at the time the account was established.
  • Last statement to the debtor.
  • Any written communications to or from the debtor.
  • Notes regarding the nature of the debt, or any dispute involved.

When to place an account

Every day that goes by after an account is overdue, you are less likely to collect the full balance. Time is the enemy for overdue receivables; action is imperative.

Bison Credit Solutions third party collection services should be utilized when any of these conditions are present:

  • Your account is 90 days outstanding (or less depending upon your industry profile)
  • The debtor has broken two or more promises to pay the account
  • You cannot establish contact with the debtor
  • The account is disputed and the debtor refuses to pay the full amount
  • Deadlines have not been met to pay the account
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