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Welcome to Bison Credit Solutions, your trusted partner for debt collection services in Lethbridge, Alberta, and the surrounding regions. Nestled in the heart of southern Alberta, Lethbridge boasts a vibrant community, rich cultural heritage, and a thriving economy driven by diverse industries.

At Bison Credit Solutions, we understand the challenges that individuals and businesses face when dealing with overdue accounts. With our extensive experience and expertise, we specialize in managing debt recovery and third-party collections for clients across Lethbridge, ranging from consumer accounts to small businesses and commercial entities.


Focus on your business while our experienced team recovers funds from your delinquent accounts


Ensuring that all consumers are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve throughout the debt recovery process

Small Business Collections

Upholding the dignity and respect of every individual during the small business debt collection process.


Preserving the dignity and respect of all parties throughout the tenant debt collection process.

Legal Debt

We have the experienced debt recovery staff and resources to collect on your unpaid judgments


Maintaining the dignity and respect of all individuals during the medical debt collection process.

Is a Debt Collection Agency Worth it?

Many individuals and businesses wonder if it’s worth using a debt collection agency. The answer depends on several factors, including the amount of the debt, available resources for collection efforts, and the likelihood of successful recovery. In many cases, outsourcing debt collection to a professional agency like Bison Credit Solutions can be highly beneficial. Our expertise, resources, and legal knowledge enable us to navigate the complexities of debt recovery and maximize the chances of successful outcomes.

The Benefits to Using a Collection Agency

Working with a collection agency offers numerous benefits, including:


Collection agencies specialize in debt recovery and have extensive experience dealing with various types of debtors and situations.


Outsourcing debt collection frees up valuable time and resources, allowing businesses to focus on core operations.

Legal Protection

Collection agencies are well-versed in debt collection laws and regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues.

Increased Recovery Rates

Professional collection tactics and negotiation skills often result in higher recovery rates compared to in-house collection efforts.

Improved Cash Flow

Timely debt recovery helps businesses maintain healthy cash flow and financial stability.

Lethbridge Debt Collection Services

At Bison Credit Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet our clients’ diverse needs, including:

Our Process

Our debt collection process is designed to deliver results ethically, efficiently, and professionally. Here’s how it works:

Strategic Planning and Customized Solutions

Before embarking on any debt collection efforts, we delve into extensive research and analysis to grasp the unique intricacies of each case. This allows us to tailor our strategies precisely to your specific needs and circumstances, maximizing the likelihood of success.

Open and Respectful Communication

Effective communication lies at the heart of our approach. Our collectors prioritize the establishment of open and respectful channels with debtors, fostering constructive dialogue and negotiation. By maintaining transparency and empathy, we aim to facilitate productive discussions that lead to mutually beneficial outcomes.

Skilled Negotiation and Resolution

Our collectors are equipped with expertise in negotiation psychology and conflict resolution techniques, enabling them to navigate challenging situations with finesse. We explore a range of options for debt resolution, including customized repayment plans, settlements, and alternative arrangements, all aimed at achieving favorable outcomes for our clients.

Compliance and Legal Guidance

Operating within the bounds of strict adherence to relevant laws and regulations is paramount to our practice. With the support of our in-house legal team, we ensure that every aspect of our debt collection processes complies with legal standards and ethical guidelines. This commitment to compliance and legal expertise is fundamental to our approach, providing our clients with the assurance that their interests are protected at every step of the process.

Continuous Improvement and Adaptation

At Bison Credit Solutions, we are dedicated to excellence and continual growth. We regularly assess and refine our methodologies, incorporating feedback from our experiences and industry best practices. Investing in ongoing training and development for our team ensures that we remain at the forefront of the industry, equipped with the latest tools and strategies to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

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Why Choose Our Debt Collection Services?

Operating on a contingency basis, Bison Credit Solutions is committed to delivering results. We prioritize your success, ensuring that we only get paid when you do. Our personalized approach and professional service set us apart, allowing us to effectively navigate the complexities of debt collection while providing compassionate support to our clients.