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Bison Credit Solutions is the best debt collection agency in Nanaimo with 30 years of experience. 


A Provider of Debt Collection Solutions All Over Canada

At Bison Credit Solutions, we’re all about efficiency and effectiveness. No fluff, just focused efforts to reclaim what’s owed to you. With our streamlined process and dedicated team, we make debt retrieval a breeze. So, if you’ve got debts hanging over your head, it’s time to take action. Choose Bison Credit Solutions, and let’s get those overdue payments back in your pocket where they belong. We serve a wide range of industries in Nanaimo.


Whether it's unpaid invoices, overdue payments, or unresolved accounts receivable, we employ strategic approaches to recover commercial debts swiftly and efficiently.


Bison Credit Solutions is committed to helping individuals recover debts owed to them by consumers. From unpaid loans and credit card bills to outstanding utility bills and personal loans.

Small Business Collections

Our tailored small business collections services are designed to address the unique needs of small enterprises, offering personalized solutions to retrieve outstanding payments and improve cash flow.


Bison Credit Solutions provides comprehensive tenant collections services, assisting property owners in recovering unpaid rent, damages, or other fees through strategic negotiation and enforcement actions when necessary.

Legal Debt

Our team collaborates with experienced legal professionals to pursue legal remedies, including litigation and enforcement of court judgments, to recover outstanding debts on behalf of our clients.


Bison Credit Solutions specializes in medical collections, working closely with healthcare providers to recover outstanding balances from patients, insurance companies, or other responsible parties while maintaining sensitivity and compliance with healthcare regulations.

When Does It Make Sense to Hire a Debt Collection Agency?

Firstly, when efforts to collect debts internally have been exhausted without success, enlisting the expertise of a professional debt collection agency becomes a prudent step forward. Additionally, if the debtor has repeatedly ignored payment reminders or attempts at negotiation, outsourcing debt collection to a specialized agency can yield better results. Moreover, when dealing with complex legal or regulatory requirements associated with debt collection, such as compliance with fair debt collection practices or navigating intricate legal proceedings, engaging a reputable agency ensures adherence to laws and regulations while pursuing debt recovery. Furthermore, for businesses and individuals seeking to preserve valuable time and resources by outsourcing the often time-consuming and labor-intensive task of debt collection, partnering with a reliable agency like Bison Credit Solutions offers a streamlined and efficient solution.

Advantages of Hiring a Debt Collection Agency in Nanaimo

Here are a couple of reasons why it’s a good idea to hire a debt collection agency;

Increased Cash Flow

By swiftly recovering unpaid debts, businesses can improve their cash flow, ensuring consistent revenue streams and financial stability.

Saves Time

Outsourcing debt collection tasks to a professional agency saves valuable time for businesses and individuals, allowing them to focus on core operations and responsibilities.

Legal Compliance

Debt collection agencies are well-versed in debt collection laws and regulations, ensuring compliance with legal requirements throughout the collection process.

Professional Approach

Debt collection agencies maintain professionalism and integrity when communicating with debtors, preserving the reputation and relationships of their clients.

Higher Recovery Rates

With their specialized techniques and resources, debt collection agencies often achieve higher recovery rates compared to in-house collection efforts.

Customized Strategies

Debt collection agencies tailor their approaches to each debt situation, implementing customized strategies to maximize recovery while minimizing costs and delays.

Our Process

To ensure our debt collection success rate is high, this is how we approach debtors;

Assessment and Planning

The debt collection process begins with a thorough assessment of the client’s outstanding debts. Our team reviews the details of each debt, including the amount owed, debtor information, and any relevant documentation.


We initiate contact with the debtor to inform them of the outstanding debt and attempt to establish communication. Our approach is professional, respectful, and compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, aiming to encourage cooperation and voluntary repayment.


If the debtor acknowledges the debt but is unable to pay the full amount, we negotiate a repayment plan that is mutually acceptable and feasible for both parties. Our team works closely with debtors to explore flexible payment options, such as installment plans or settlements, to facilitate debt resolution.

Documentation and Monitoring

Throughout the collection process, we maintain detailed documentation of all communication and actions taken. This includes records of phone calls, emails, letters, and any agreements reached with the debtor. We also monitor the progress of each case closely to ensure timely resolution.


In cases where debtors fail to cooperate or adhere to agreed-upon repayment terms, we may escalate enforcement actions. This may involve pursuing legal remedies, such as filing a lawsuit, obtaining a judgment, or utilizing other legal means to compel debt repayment.


Our ultimate goal is to recover the outstanding debt in full on behalf of our clients. We employ strategic collection tactics and utilize our network of resources to maximize recovery rates while minimizing costs and delays.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Partner With a Debt Collection Agency

When it comes to debt collection in Nanaimo, Bison Credit Solutions stands out as the premier choice. Our unrivalled expertise, unwavering dedication, and proven track record of success have solidified our reputation as the top debt collection agency in the area. With a team of seasoned professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of local regulations and a commitment to ethical practices, we deliver results that exceed expectations. Clients trust us to handle their debt collection needs with professionalism, efficiency, and integrity, knowing that we consistently achieve optimal outcomes while upholding the highest standards of service. When you choose Bison Credit Solutions, you’re choosing excellence in debt collection.