Becoming a client

Streamlined our system…

“With the help of BCS, we have streamlined our system so that we work files ourselves and then send accounts at a specific point to their office. Bison works all files diligently, whether a $50 unpaid bill or a $6,000 commercial file. We also find them quick to respond to our requests and ready to provide collection status reports when required.”

Our Mission
The core values of BCS embrace integrity and trust, knowledge and professionalism as well as respect and reliability. Our values influence our actions and decision-making during day-to-day business and we encourage an environment that promotes both corporate and personal growth.

Our Process

Our Process is built on over 25 years of tried and true practices. Our business model ensures that BCS employees are well versed in your specific industry. We operate from a central collection management call centre equipped with experienced collectors and in-house legal expertise. We focus on personal contact to collect accounts nation-wide; bringing collection psychology, negotiating skills, conflict resolution and experience to bear on all files. Our collectors are supported by sophisticated software that ensures maximum attention to your accounts. Management provides ongoing support, regular file review and maintains strict quality assurance standards. Our process is designed to provide maximum results for you and your portfolio.

Trust us to work our proven process for you.

“Strategy without process is little more than a wish list.” Robert Filek.

Why choose to partner with BCS

BCS can demonstrate a proven track record in collecting consumer and commercial debt for clients of all sizes. We customize a solution for you that will recover your funds as quickly as possible.

We take a respectful approach to collections, not only because we are dealing with your clients but because we know that most people that owe money have reasons for not paying. Our collection officers are experts in the art of motivating payments and amicable account resolution.

Our competitive advantages include:

  • We are a full service, Third Party Collection agency operating since 1992
  • Contingency based – no collection – no charge
  • We offer a full suite of services including Early Out, Collections, Builder’s Lien and Litigation services
  • Our In-house legal department has substantial Small Claims and Queens’ Bench experience
  • We can provide References from satisfied clients in related businesses to yours
  • We are committed to constant improvement and innovation for clients
  • Our owner and management are onsite, providing ongoing staff training, account review and quality assurance
  • We have generated results for hundreds of firms and individuals, and recovered millions of dollars.
  • We are dedicated to providing quality service to meet your recovery needs.


Tired of sending bills to people who ignore them? Get results with BCS

Cash flow is the lifeline to business success

Performed for many years…

“We have been pleased with the work that Bison Credit Solutions has performed for many years since becoming our 3rd party collection agency. Bison has successfully collected both large and small accounts in Calgary and well beyond city boundaries. BCS has also executed many successful court actions for our firm.”


When to place an account…

Every day that goes by after an account is overdue, you are less likely to collect the full balance. Time is the enemy for overdue receivables; action is imperative.

If you find that many of your business accounts exceed 30 days outstanding, you should consult with Bison Credit Solutions about providing outsourcing solutions, supporting your Accounts Receivable system or providing Early-Out Collection services.

Bison Credit Solutions third party collection services should be utilized when any of these conditions are present:

  • Your account is 90 days outstanding (or less depending upon your industry profile)
  • The debtor has broken two or more promises to pay the account
  • You cannot establish contact with the debtor
  • The account is disputed and the debtor refuses to pay the full amount
  • Deadlines have not been met to pay the account

Unpaid Accounts? Bad Debt Write-Offs? Start Collecting Now!

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Getting Started…

Every client has unique collection needs, so we will tailor our services specifically for you. This is some of the information we would request for a debtor.

  • personal or business contact address
  • any business or personal phone, cell phone numbers and email addresses
  • emergency contact numbers and family member names
  • payment method utilized by debtor and any NSF cheques or credit card transactions
  • amount owing and interest rate charged
  • date of last payment or date when account became delinquent
  • signed credit application
  • personal guarantee
  • credit bureau pulled at the time the account was established
  • last statement to the debtor
  • any written communications to or from the debtor
  • Notes regarding the nature of the debt, or any dispute involved

To have BCS collect on your account immediately, please call our office at 1-877-686-8522, or in Calgary 403-263-7670.

We will discuss your needs and provide the most appropriate collection option for you. Files can be submitted by email, fax, or mail to Bison Credit Solutions, #5 – 3402 8th Street S.E., Calgary, AB. T2G 5S7.

Files can be submitted in volume in any format that you utilize. Consult with BCS for more information.

When submitting an account, provide as much information as possible about the debtor.

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80% recovery on dated files