Five Ways To Pay An Account

1. Payments Through Your Financial Institution 

Online Banking Payment Instructions

To pay your account, select Bison Credit Solutions as the payee. Your account number will be your Bison Credit Solutions Account number. This is generally a five-digit number. Obtain your number from BCS if you are unsure of it. You may need to enter a “0” in front as some banks require 7 digit account numbers.

After paying the account, call BCS at 1-877-686-8522 with your confirmation number for payment. Retain all receipts.
If you are not set up for telephone or online banking, and you bank with one of the financial institutions listed below, please visit any branch, and a teller will be able to complete this transaction for you.

Bank of Nova Scotia
For online banking, click here.
Telephone banking: 1-800-267-1234

(Tangerine, PC financial, Simplii)
For online banking, click here.
Telephone banking: 1-800-465-2422

Bank of Montreal
For online banking, click here.
Telephone banking: 1-800-363-9992

RBC Royal Bank of Canada
For online banking, click here.
Telephone banking: 1-800-769-2511

Your Credit Union
Most Credit Unions will facilitate payment to BCS. Confirm with your lender

2. Email Money Transfer

If you do not bank with the above institutions, email money transfers to BCS may be an option. Contact your lender to confirm if you can email funds from your financial institution to pay your account.

Email Money Transfer Instructions

You will need to enter a secret question/answer for security.
Question: money
Answer: bison
Provide your contact number for follow-up in case we need to confirm the payment with you.

3. Direct Deposit at Any RBC Location 

Call our office in advance at 1-877-686-8522 to obtain our account information in order to make this deposit at any RBC location.

4. Credit Card Payments

You may be able to pay the account with a Credit card. Contact BCS at 1-877-686-8522 to confirm if your account can be paid by Credit Card, and to make those arrangements.

5. Mail

Mail cheque (payable to BCS), money order, or certified funds, including your file number and creditor in the memo line, provided to:

Bison Credit Solutions
#5-3402 8th Street SE
Calgary AB. T2G 5S7