Bison Credit Solutions Services

  • Outsourcing or Early Out Services

    With a focus on early aged account resolution, early out services (EOS) offers a variety of resources to support your collection management strategies. BCS can design solutions for both routine or exception-based accounts that assist your internal process. We can tailor the EOS and our contacts with your clients to act as an extension of your organization.

    Because your needs are distinct, we customize every early-out solution to the unique requirements of each of our clients. Contact BCS for more details on EOS.

  • Third Party Collections

    BCS third-party collection services are designed to maximize recovery of delinquent accounts, in a timely manner, while maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct. Our collectors are briefed on your company’s collection objectives and the unique characteristics of your accounts. Within minutes of account placement we start work to recover your funds and follow a systematic process to shorten the time between the first contact and receipt of payment.

    With professional debt collectors trained in collection psychology and negotiation, our experienced staff expedites debt repayment by executing our comprehensive debt recovery plans.

    We are contingency based – no collection, no charge!

    Third Party Collections

  • BCS has pursued hundreds of legal actions and recovered thousands of dollars for clients.

    In most cases, accounts are resolved through collection activity. The size of the account or the likelihood of substantial recovery can also deter litigation.

    If our comprehensive credit review demonstrates that a debtor has the means to deal with the account but remains uncooperative, we will recommend litigation. In fact, litigation may be warranted despite debtor circumstances since Judgments remain in place for 10 years in most jurisdictions.

    Our in-house legal department will manage the entire file through Small Claims Court or Court of Queen’s Bench, should a client sign-off on litigation.

  • Trace and Investigation

    Skip tracing is the process of locating a person’s whereabouts. BCS has a fully staffed skip tracing department that utilizes available internet systems and proprietary software to investigate and locate debtors. Skip tracing is both an integral part of our third-party collection capabilities, as well as a stand-alone service available to our clients.

    Trace and Investigation

  • Builder’s Liens

    A lien can have a significant impact on a project and your business relationships. BCS will consult with clients to determine if a lien is the best vehicle to resolve the account. In the event a lien is recommended, we can provide both regular and urgent Builders Lien services for accounts listed within one week of the lien deadline.

    Contact us now if you believe a lien is necessary, have interest in our Builders Lien services, or are unsure what method is best suited for you.