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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

When should I place an account for collection?

You should place an account for collection if debtors have missed deadlines, broken promises, or displayed non-responsive / avoidant behaviour.

How do I place and account for collections?

To place an account:

  1. Email:
  2. Fax: +403.263.7623
  3. Mail: #5 – 3402 8th Street SE Calgary, AB T2G 5S7, Canada.
  4. Visit the “Contact Us Page”
How do we send accounts?

Accounts can be exported and sent via email in many forms including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, or PDF. You may also mail or fax accounts directly to our location.

Can BCS collect on older accounts?

BCS can generally collect on accounts that are up to six years old. Legal action can be pursued within two years of delinquency. The older the file, the less likely that funds will be recovered.

Yes, when you send the account, be sure to send a copy of the original judgment, a completed listing sheet, any writ of enforcement, and any canceled or NSF cheques from the debtor.

Yes, we regularly pursue legal actions in both Small Claims Court and Court of Kings’s Bench. Legal action is only pursued if signed off by the client. We will not pursue legal action unless a thorough credit assessment deems that there is potential for the eventual collection of the account. Accounts need to be sued within two years of delinquency, in most jurisdictions. An upper limit of $100,000 for Small Claims action is in place in Alberta, lower in some other jurisdictions. Once a judgment is obtained, we can pursue other actions to collect on the account.

Does BCS list on the Credit Bureau?

Yes, at the clients’ discretion we list both consumer and commercial accounts on both major credit bureaus (Equifax and Transunion). We recommend listing accounts to prompt payment; there is no cost to the client for this service. The listing remains on a debtor bureau for seven years, plus one day.